Epic Mickey 2 Vita Trailer

by on June 20, 2013

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two lands on Vita this week, and you can find the obligatory launch trailer below. It shows off some nifty looking gameplay, as well as the new features you can expect to enjoy only in the Vita version.

Being a Vita game, Disney have added touch and motion controls, but that’s not where the fun is to be found in our opinion, as the Vita version packs local co-op over WiFi, which is a very welcome addition. We reviewed the console version of Epic Mickey 2 back in November, here is a snippet of what we said about it back then:

“The art style is stunning, and will surely grab the attention of players and tempt them to try the game, despite the still-present pre-conceptions that a Disney game will be meant only for kids. The music and sound design is also quite beautiful, helping immerse the player even further into the game. The co-operative play is also a lot of fun, and the game deserves to be played along with a friend”

Interested? Be sure to keep your browser pointed at GodisaGeek as we will have a full analysis of the Vita version for you to read in the coming days. That’s right, we love you. In the mean time, check out the trailer, below!