Lionhead Releases Fable Teaser Trailer for Fable Anniversary

by on June 4, 2013

Rumours are currently buzzing on the internet about the possibilities of a new Fable game from Lionhead, for the upcoming Xbox One. Last night, a supposed leaked image at The Koalition suggested that Fable IV might be planned for the next Xbox console.

However, on top of all of that, Lionhead Games themselves have released a teaser trailer this morning that suggests a high definition re-make of the original Fable game is currently in the works for the current Xbox 360 console.

See for yourselves in the trailer, but it looks very much like Lionhead have been listening to fan requests to re-make the first game in the series, which originally made its debut on the first Xbox. Fable has maintained a strong following over the years, with many fans of the series still holding the first game as the best one – so it will be nice to see what Lionhead can do with a new version of the game. Will this be a full re-make, or just an HD makeover? We will have to wait and see.

EDIT: Major Nelson has confirmed Fable Anniversary is the title.

See the teaser video below: