Saints Row IV Pre-order Costumes and New Walkthrough Video

by on June 28, 2013

Summer used to produce a lull in video games, but not any more. One of the big releases still to come is Volition’s Saints Row IV. Deep Silver and Volition have just announced some pre order bonuses as well as an E3 demo.

By pre-ordering at GAME stores across the UK, you will receive exclusive costumes to parade around Steelport in such as The Iron Rogue and Queen Amazonia.

The E3 walkthrough demo, which you can see below, shows senior producer Jim Boone playing a section of the game in the Whitehouse whilst aliens are attacking and in the second half of the video, Boone plays around with a new weapon – the Blackhole Launcher – and visits Professor Genki.

Coming to Europe on August 23 and North America on August 20, this 360, PS3 and PC title has a lot of buzz behind it because of the success of Saints Row The Third. Will they replicate those sales, or will the series jump the shark? Let us know if your pumped for more Saints action, in the comments section!

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