Second Behind-The-Scenes Video For Castle Of Illusion

by on July 23, 2013

Back at the end of May, SEGA released a behind the scenes video that took a look at how the team working on the Castle of Illusion re-make went about re-imagining the classic title. This included Emiko Yamamoto – the Director of the original game – who is an advisor on this new version of the game.

Now the developers have released another of these sneak peak videos, and this one again features many members of the team, and is focused on explaining how they both tried to maintain the feel of the original game, whilst making the most of modern developments in sound and technology in order to create a different gameplay experience.

Castle of Illusion is looking fantastic so far – with a really nice art style that blends the old and new together in a very nice way. Along with the Duck Tales remaster from Capcom, these two games look like they are doing this re-imagining business the right way.

Watch the new Behind-the-Scenes video below: