Fez Sells 105K In Two Days Thanks To Steam Summer Sale

by on July 15, 2013

Fez’s creator Phil Fish has revealed that in just two days following the start of Steam’s Summer Sale, his perspective-twisting platformer sold in excess of 105,000 units.

Fish took to Twitter to reveal the data with a handy graph showing a sales spike that dwarfs even the sales of the game upon its original Xbox Live Arcade launch last year.

Polytron’s game came to Steam in May after a year as an exclusive Xbox title and was one of the first titles discounted in the digital distribution platform’s enormous sale.

Revealing that the two day Steam sales were greater than those of the game’s launch month on Xbox he declared the recent surge as “fuckin’ NUTSO” and “BANANERS” (he’s a bit of an odd one).

Asked if he was a fan of Steam sales Fish said, “Yeah I’m a fan! Even I can’t find a way to complain about it.”