Killer Is Dead Trailer #6 Released

by on July 18, 2013

Killer Is Dead – the upcoming new game from maverick games designer Suda 51 (he who made No More Heroes and Killer Seven – amongst others) his had a lot of trailers and images released for it so far – but now the game can announce a new partnership with a Heavy Metal band.

The game will feature two tracks from the rock group Jesse and the Bonez – Bossman and Access Violation. The frenetic and aggressive style of the music seems to perfectly match up with the imagery and themes of the game – as you can see in the brand new trailer.

The game is looking typically crazy and certainly has that Suda 51 visual style stamped on it. The game is due out in the next couple of months, and we will be able to see if Suda 51 can finally break away from his cult hit status and score a commercial success. Don’t cross your fingers – his titles are notably niche, which is unfortunate considering he is one of the strongest creative forces in the industry right now.

See trailer #6 below:

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