Beyond: Two Souls Will Have Dual Mode and Can be Controlled Via Phone App

by on August 21, 2013

Quantic Dream’s David Cage has revealed that Beyond: Two Souls will feature a “Dual Mode” wherein a second player can control lead character Jodie’s supernatural pal Aiden. Also, we’ve learned via Polygon that players will be able to control the game with their tablet and their smartphone.

This Dual Mode isn’t any type of traditional multiplayer as Cage said control of Aiden can merely be passed off to the second player whilst player one sits patiently. In a single-player playthrough, Jodie and Aiden are controlled by the sole controller.

Cage said during a presentation at Gamescom, that when people were playing Heavy Rain, there tended to be another person in the room with them. So, this way, no one is sat twiddling their thumbs for the entirety of the Ellen Page acted story.

After release, an iOS and Android app will be available on the two marketplaces called, Beyond Touch. Beyond Touch acts as another controller where the tablet/phone holder has full control of the game, as if they were using a DualShock 3. Of course, Dual Mode players can also use the app.

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