First DLC For Defiance To Be Released August 20

by on August 14, 2013

Trion Worlds has announced that the first downloadable content for Defiance will be released on August 20. If you already have a Defiance Season Pass the Castithan Charge Pack will be free of charge.

It will set you back $9.99/800 MS Points for your Xbox 360, with prices to be confirmed for PlayStation 3 and PC owners of the open-world shooter.

As the new add-on content pack goes live, the following additions will be made to the game for all players, regardless of whether they have purchased the new content:

New Charge Weapons – shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols
Sieges — a new type of dynamic content mode that combines Capture-and-Hold control points with kill scores, as enemies invade various mission locations, forcing players to band together to hold them off
New Monolith Major Arkfall – highly challenging arkfall event with a tough new boss and loot
Military Academy – a new player-versus-player capture and hold map
Duels Game Mode – challenge your friends online in one-on-one combat
Additional in-game changes, including newly enhanced map, and new chat window

Players who purchase the Castithan Charge Pack will receive access to the following:

Play as the alien Castithan Species – create a new character or change your existing one New Battle Arena Game Mode – an instanced single player “horde mode”-style game that opens up a new story mission line, Castithan Charge Blade weapon and in-game item Unique version of the Raptor – a new four passenger truck designed to help small groups of arkhunters to quickly traverse the terraformed Bay Area Unique Castithan outfit