Microsoft Employees are Getting a White Xbox One and You Aren’t

by on August 26, 2013

Full-time employees at Microsoft are getting a lovely (expensive) gift from the company, in the form of a white Xbox One.

Whilst us peasants will be slumming it with our black Xbones, all Microsoft employees that were still with the company as of July 12 will receive this beautiful looking machine at launch. You can see the image above, which a NeoGAF user posted, earlier today.

As well as the console bundle that the regular folk will get, those that work at Microsoft will also get a year of Xbox Live and all first party games, for free. Not a bad deal.

Of course, there is a chance that someone cooked this up in Photoshop and the fact that the Kinect isn’t white may be a telling sign, but it’s nice to think that some hard working people are getting rewarded with what is sure to be, one of the hot products, this Christmas.