Payday 2 DLC Detailed and Dated

by on November 13, 2013

Overkill Software have revealed their first slab of DLC for the sleeper hit Payday 2; Armored Transport.

Releasing on PC on November 14th, the DLC will see you and friends trying to steal the contents of the titular armoured vehicles.

The narrative runs deeper – apparently there’s a special something potentially hiding in one of these heists, and Bain wants it. What could it be, I wonder? The DLC website alludes to some ‘big out of town score’. Interesting.

Martin enjoyed Payday 2 a lot, scoring it a healthy 8/10 and commenting that ‘Payday 2 is a hugely enjoyable game, and it’s obvious that the developers have thought long and hard about every single aspect of the gameplay, keeping everything that worked from the previous game and doing away with, or improving, all of the other aspects.’

It appears as if the developers have continued that thought to this DLC, as it looks nice and slick in the trailer below, and the concept is tantalisingly fresh.

Sides, it comes with four president masks – Nixon, Clinton, Bush & Obama – so why wouldn’t you want it?