Towerfall Ascends to PlayStation 4 and PC

by on November 15, 2013

Released earlier this year, Towerfall was one of the standout titles for the Android-based Ouya console. A local multiplayer-based combat game with 2-Dimensional archery chaos that received critical praise upon its release, and now the game is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PC, after initially being a time-limited exclusive to Ouya.

In a post on the PlayStation EU Blog, creator Matt Thorson explains what makes this four-player game so special:

With the right opponents, a deep multiplayer game allows you to test, teach, and taunt each other. You can explore the game’s world and systems together and challenge each other to improve, all while having some laughs. A good local multiplayer game lets you treat a new friend like a sister or brother.

This new version promises 50 new multiplayer levels, 4 new characters, a 12-player co-op Quest mode, 6 new powerups and more features yet to be announced.

Gaming needs more local multiplayer games in this online-centric world, so Towerfall Ascension could be one to watch out for next year.

Towerfall Ascension will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2014.