Over 30 Developers Named for ID@Xbox Program

by on December 4, 2013

ID@Xbox’s director, Chris Charla, has revealed the names of over 30 developers that have signed up to the program.

From notable names such as Double Fine and Vlambeer, to big studios like Crytek and more humble development teams like Drinkbox Studios and Capybara Games, it appears that Microsoft really are going in strong with ID@Xbox.

After initially appearing to not allow self-publishing on Xbox One, Microsoft created the ID@Xbox program, in hopes of getting independent developers on their next-gen system. Self-publishing is now very much encouraged and studios will have access to Unity tools in 2014, with Microsoft picking up the bill.

Charla said that Xbox One owners should be seeing the first few ID@Xbox games to be released in early 2014, but he did also state that the list of developers mentioned is just the beginning:

“We’ve shipped dev kits to more than 50 studios and, as we said at Gamescom, this first wave of developers is just the start.”

You can check out the full list of developers that Charla namedrops in his Xbox Wire post including Inafune’s new studio Compcept, and Bit.Trip creators Gaijin Games.