Both Bill Gates & Kaz Hirai Appear in South Park’s Console War Arc Finalé

by on December 10, 2013

In the latest South Park episode titled, “Titties and Dragons”, some very familiar faces show up — and I’m not talking about Cartman, or Randy Marsh.

No, I’m speaking specifically about Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Sony’s Kaz Hirai.


If you haven’t been following; South Park has been parodying the manic events that occur in the United States of America around the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. The launches of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One nicely tie into that, too. Hence the appearances of many bigwigs from both companies.

It aired in North America last Wednesday and our UK readers will get to watch the finalé of this three-part arc, this Wednesday at 10pm, on Comedy Central.

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