Dragonball Z: Battle of Z Goku Edition Announced

by on December 21, 2013

Namco Bandai have revealed the Dragonball Z: Battle of Z Special Edition, which comes with a 25cm figure of Super Saiyan Goku alongside a 60 page artbook.

This special edition will also come with exclusive Day 1 DLC – A Naruto Uzumaki costume for Goku. That is as weird to see as it sounds (just check out the trailer below).

Dragonball Z: Battle of Z is a more open attempt at a DBZ title. Rather than being a one on one fighter, as the Budokai and Tenkaichi games have been for a good while, Battle of Z focuses on teams of players either battling hordes of enemies, or fighting other teams.

You can watch some gameplay of Dragonball Z: Battle of Z over on Namco Bandai’s official YouTube channel here.

Dragonball Z: Battle of Z looks vibrant enough, with an artstlye that’s very faithful to the source material, but right now it looks a bit too much like a laser show. Dragonball always has plenty of Ki blasts flying around, but it was rare that anyone would be playing sniper. It would be even more rare that said sniper would actually be successful.

Either way, that Goku statue looks lovely.