Tiny Brains is Out Now in North America

by on December 3, 2013

PlayStation 4 came out over two weeks ago in North America, but there are still games to be released on the platform, before the year is over. Tiny Brains is one of them. It’s out today, in fact.

Tiny Brains sees four little lab animals, all with their own unique abilities, attempt to solve puzzles put in their way by a mad scientist. Local co-op appears to be the best way to experience the game, but four players is not required as you can swap between characters on the fly, too. There’s also an online co-op feature for those that want to avail of that, also.

There’s a story mode, loads of challenges and even something called, “Tiny Soccer”. I’m picturing something like Rayman Legends‘ Kung Foot. If that is the case, developer Spearhead Games are onto a winner.

For the month of December, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to purchase Tiny Brains at 10% the RRP of $19.99 on PlayStation 4. There’s also a Steam pre-order offer of 30% off. European PS4 owners will be able to download the game soon, and Tiny Brains is also touted for a release on PS3 and the aforementioned Steam, at a later date across all territories.

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