No Game May Be Called Anything Saga, Unless You’re King.Com

by on January 22, 2014

Makers of popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga apparently own the word ‘Saga’.

As spotted by Kotaku, only days after it came out that King.com essentially own the word ‘Candy’, the makers of the mobile hit have gone after The Banner Saga, for the use of, yes, saga.

Turns out that back in December, King.com filed for a Notice of Opposition with the US Patent and Trademark office. With 13 trademarks containing the word saga to their name, no one else is allowed to use it.

Below is part of the actual filing. The applicant is Stoic, who have applied for a trademark of The Banner Saga, the opposer is King.com.

Saga trademark 1 Saga trademark 2

Now, I’ve played both, and, how can I put this, THERE IS NO SIMILARITY BETWEEN THE TWO! One is a Noric RPG where the each player’s journey will be unique, the other is a puzzle game.

Whether that’ll be evident to a judge however remains to be seen.