Yarrrrrr! And Other Piratical Cliches – Assassin’s Creed Pirates Gets First Update

by on January 9, 2014

Our very own Long John Baker thoroughly enjoyed the handheld rum ‘n’ booty ’em up that was Assassin’s Creed Pirates, and quite right, too. The spinoff, which is available for smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android, today receives its first update.

Ubisoft claim that this downloadable beauty will “satisfy any pirate’s plundering and pillaging needs”. A bold statement, particularly when you consider the ferocity of today’s no-nonsense Somalian pirates, who would sooner slit you from neck to nuts than piddle about with a tablet device, but hey – this looks like adding a stack of new content to the popular title.

New map? Check. New campaign missions? Arrrr. There are enough side missions and treasure hunts to make a bosun quiver, and unlockable ships aplenty. The new map, covering Nassau, will also be “the most challenging play area yet” with new defending and evasion techniques available. You can give piracy a The Matrix-y feel as you dodge and destroy cannonballs mid-fire, a counterattack with authority. There is even a thought for those lonely pirates sailing the high seas, as a social feature promises to allow you to “view and measure up against friends and foes on their journey to find La Buse’ missing treasure”.


The update is available now, so any buccaneers wishing to check it out should do so now or walk the plank in shame.