Stick it to the Man Heading to Wii U

by on February 14, 2014

Zoink and Ripstone are bringing the strange platform adventure game, Stick it to the Man, to Wii U this Spring, complete with bonus GamePad features.

The game puts you in control of Ray, a character who wakes up one day with a large pink, mind reading tentacle attached to his head that gives him ‘awesome powers’.

While exploring this world of cardboard and scissors you can fold it, tear it, and even move stickers!

The Wii U Gamepad will be employed as a new way to read other character’s minds, further separating the mindreading world from Ray’s world.

Our own Colm Ahern gave the game a good nod in his review when it was released on Playstation platforms last year, commending the game’s blend of adventure game brain taxing and fine and dandy platforming.

Good to see the Wii U getting some more attention from indies, either way.

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