Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Announced

by on March 6, 2014

Nintendo have announced today that on the 30th of May, you’ll be able to choose between the blue shell collector’s edition and the standard release of Mario Kart 8.

The aptly named collector’s edition comes with a blue shell statue for you to…look at? While an actual Kart statue may have been better, we’ll take whatever limited edition Ninty goodness we can get.

In anticipation of MK8, Nintendo are bringing Super Mario Kart SNES to the Wii U Virtual Console on the 27th March. If you download this on Wii U you’ll get a £5.49 discount on a digital copy of Mario Kart – not too shabby. This offer lasts until the 30th June.

Check out what you’ll be shelling out on (sorry) in the collector’s edition trailer below.