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Xbox One May Have Titanfall, PS4 Has Towerfall

by on March 12, 2014

Indie title Towerfall Ascension launched yesterday for both PC and PlayStation 4. Rather than being a blockbuster first-person shooter like the other “fall” game that is coming out this week, Towerfall is a pixel art 2D platformer title, that focuses on Archery-based battles. It couldn’t be much further removed from a certain futuristic mech-based shoot-em-up.

Over on the official European PlayStation Blog, a new launch trailer for the game has been posted, to show off some of the main features. Towerfall features not only a single-player Quest mode – which is also playable in couch co-op – but also some crazy local multiplayer battles. As you can see in the video, the title might not make the most of the power of the PS4, but graphics and technical grunt don’t mean everything, when you have strong gameplay.

See the launch trailer below:


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