Goat Simulator Getting Boxed Release

by on April 24, 2014

Goat Simulator will be available in a box in the UK from May 23rd. There is currently no word on price or where you will be able to purchase the boxed product, but its still some cool news. The game will remain a PC exclusive, so no console ports as of yet but we can still hope.

I think the press release manages to sum up the news quite well.

“The fully edible* box contains all the point scoring goat destruction, Steam Workshop Support and bugs that are expected of the world’s best-selling goat simulation game.  You can be a goat.  In a box.

* the box is only edible to goats.  You are not really a goat.  Please do not eat the box.”

If your still not completely sold on Goat Sim you should check out my review, it features two of the best jokes you will ever read in your life so really you are cheating yourself out of some incredible laughs by not reading it.

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