First In-Game Footage From Blood Bowl 2 Released

by on April 15, 2014

The second game from Cyanide Studio to be based on the Games Workshop American-football game  – Blood Bowl – was first announced almost a year ago. Little has been revealed about Blood Bowl 2 since then, but now publishers Focus Home Interactive have revealed a new trailer that shows the first in-game footage.

The video features two of the oldest Blood Bowl teams – the Humans Reikland Reavers team and the Orcs of Gouged Eye – battling it out in an action-packed matchup. It also showcases its own brand of colour-commentary from Blood Bowl commentators Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford – who will be well-known to fans of the board game.

Featuring a new graphic engine, a deep solo campaign mode and lots of new multiplayer features, Blood Bowl 2 is looking to surpass its predecessor in every way. Get your first look at the title and watch the new footage below: