Project Rain World: PS Vita Bound Thanks To Adult Swim Games Buyout

by on April 14, 2014

Project Rain World will now be heading to PSN & PlayStation Vita, along with PC, Mac and Linux. The developers, having already smashed their original goal of $25,000, on Kickstarter, with the project now bringing in a total of $63,255, now have even more great news; Adult Swim Games have jumped on board! The developers have commented on their Kickstarter page and said:

They are 100% here to help us take Rain World to the next level, AKA we can now officially announce that Rain World is coming to PSN, PS Vita and well beyond! Rejoice!

In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely nomadic slugcat must hunt enough food and endure deadly rains, in a harsh closed eco-system, in order to survive another cycle of hibernation.

They seem very, very enthusiastic about all of this. After more than doubling their original goal and Adult Swim Games picking them up, Rain World seems set for glory, especially with the news that it will be coming to the Vita – It seems like a perfect match, so Vita fans all around the world can now get very excited.