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Child of Light Patch Deals with Semantics

by on May 3, 2014

An upcoming Child of Light patch will alter the names of its two difficulty modes from Normal and Hard to Casual and Expert, Joystiq reports.

Why do this? It’s a matter of interpretation. Writer Jeffrey Yohalem describes it as such, “the word ‘normal’ is a misrepresentation …. Or, rather, implying that there’s one way to play that’s normal is, I think, too strong.

Casual is for people that want to experience the world and experience the adventure without having hard combat, and then expert is for people who love RPGs and who want to really have a challenge.”

This makes sense, as one of Adam’s key concerns in his otherwise glowing Child of Light Review was that it was too easy, pointing out that anyone aware of how an RPG works should pick hard from the start.

Seems as though you were right Adam. You RPG Expert you.