Sniper Elite 3 DLC Available Now!

by on July 16, 2014

One mission and three weapon packs make up the first smattering of DLC for the rather good Sniper Elite 3.

First the mission DLC, Hunt the Grey Wolf. Thihs mission has you infiltrating a German strong hold in order to assassinate Hitler, though you need to solve a riddle on the way.

Not only is the riddle randomly generated, but there are apparently seven different ways to execute your shot, making this a chunky piece of DLC.

Next, weapons. The Hunter Weapons Pack comes complete with a pack of three high power hunting weapons for use in single and multi-player modes including a SVT40 rifle, Trenchgun shotgun and Revolver M1917 pistol.

The Camouflage Weapons Pack has three camouflaged or silenced weapons for use in single and multi-player modes including a Mosin Nagant (camo) rifle, the MP44 (camo) SMG and a high standard HDM (silenced) pistol.

The Allied Outfits Pack is a pack of characters for use in Sniper Elite’s competitive multi-player modes. The characters include Allied Urban Sniper, US Army Rifleman and Indian Division Soldier.

The Hunter Weapons, Camouflage Weapons and Allied Outfits packs are available on PSN and Xbox Marketplace for £2.55 each and the Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC is available for £6.79.