Old Controls Coming to New Oddworld

by on September 22, 2014

A fantastic remake, New ‘N’ Tasty brought back some lovely memories, while showing everyone how to bring something old back to life – as you’ll see if you read our review.

But Just Add Water are going one further now, and adding the “old” controls to the game, in an update that is coming as soon as this week.

Here’s the details:

X To Hop

First up is the option to have the X button hop sideways, rather than straight up. We dedicated a fair amount of time to the jumping system in New ‘n’ Tasty but appreciate that old school fans would rather Abe hopped laterally a little easier.

If you toggle “X To Hop” on in the settings, this is exactly what will happen. If you’re running, X will leap as expected. And regardless of the setting, Up on the analog stick will still hoist as normal.

L2 To Run

The other much-requested feature is to have Abe run only when another button is pushed. In this case, if players toggle “L2 To Run” on in the settings, Abe will only walk with the analog stick, and will then only run when L2 is held in addition to the analog stick being moved.

This will mean that when walking, Abe will only be able to hop short distances. You’ll need to be running (as is the case now) to leap to higher ledges and make bigger gaps.