Over a Million PS4s Sold in the UK

by on September 9, 2014

Sony has announced that over a million PlayStation 4s have been sold in the UK in the nine months since launch, making it the second fastest console to reach that milestone after the original Wii.

The figures, which come from Chart Track, show that the millionth console was sold alongside Destiny.

For comparison, the PS3 took 46 weeks to reach this point, the PS2 50 weeks and the Xbox 360 took 60.

Sony also released some extra stats to go along with the announcement, with UK gamers racking up over 12 million videos of PS4 gameplay, over 21 million images of PS4 gameplay, have completed over 1.2 million broadcast sessions and have shared over 500,000 gameplay images on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a good thing they put that Share button there really isn’t it?

This also follows the recent announcement that over 10 million PS4s have been sold worldwide.