Pre-Order Bonus Content for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Announced

by on November 19, 2014

Everyone loves a good pre order bonus, especially when they differ depending on what platform you but it on, so lets get down to business and see what pre ordering Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will get you.

If you pre order on Xbox you will receive the “Blood Count” level, but if you purchase at any point (so if you don’t pre order) you will receive the “Titan Box” level. However you can only pre order on Xbox One, so if you buy on 360 you instantly get both levels if you purchase before December 2nd.

Moving on, if you pre order on PlayStation you will receive the “Secret Eye” level and if you don’t pre order you will receive the “Symbolic” level when you purchase. Now this is where it gets confusing, apparently PSN pre orders are only available in the Americas so presumably us Europeans cant get the Secret Eye level, but we should be able to get the Symbolic level (although that is a total guess on my part.)

Fortunately those who pre order on steam have a simple deal as they get both the Secret Eye level and the Blood Count level.