Sony Details How to Win an Anniversary PS4

by on December 15, 2014

Want to get your hands on one of those 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4s, but couldn’t get yourself to central London on less than a day’s notice last week?

Well you’re in luck, Sony has detailed exactly how to go about getting a chance to purchase one online.

The full instructions can be found here, but I’ll give you gist now. First off you have to follow either @PlayStationUK or @GAMEDigital, and look out for a clue using #20YearsOfCharacters. It’ll relate to a character from PlayStation history, and when you’ve worked out who then click on the corresponding character at eu.playstation.com/20yearsofcharacters. If you’re right you’ll be sent a link to a form, with the first 100 forms returned filled in getting the chance to purchase a console.

All entries, even those after the 100 mark, will be entered into a competition to win an anniversary console.