SMITE World Championship Prize Pool Passes $2,000,000

by on December 23, 2014

You may have noticed, with our giveaway and a slew of news that a lot is happening in the world of SMITE. The latest announcement is that the prize pool for the first ever SMITE World Championship has surpassed the $2million mark.

To be slightly more precise the total prize pool at the time of writing is $2,145,807. That number not only makes it the largest prize pool ever for a first year event, but also makes it the 3rd largest eSports prize pool ever, only sitting behind Dota 2’s The International 3 and The International 4.

Amazingly the prize pool is now bigger than that of the 2014 League of Legends Championships, making Riot’s refusal to allow a crowd funded prize pool seem even more ridiculous.

The prize pool will continue to grow until the event itself takes place on January 9th-11th, so expect it to get even bigger during that time.

To celebrate the massive prize pool the Hi-Rez team released a new dev diary, which you probably have already watched as it is above.

Be sure to stay tuned to God is a Geek in the new year for coverage of the SMITE World Championships, and if you are reading this today (Tuesday) then you still have a few hours to enter our SMITE competition.