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Guild Wars 2 Update Brings New Camera Angle Options – First Person Mode

by on February 26, 2015

Guild Wars 2 is quite popular with gamer folk, I am told, so there may be one or two of you out there that will find the latest news from developer ArenaNet particularly interesting.

The Guild Wars 2 developer is bringing an all new first person view to it’s hit MMO sequel, as well as a bunch of other camera-centric enhancements. The first person mode will be available while standing in place, walking, running, jumping, playing PvP and just about anything else. There aren’t any restrictions on where first-person can be used, and it is accessed simply by ‘zooming all the way in’. Ooo err.

As well as the new first person option, you lot are also getting access to a new, configurable field of view option. You know, for performance reasons or whatever. There are also new settings for camera position, head height focus and adjustable collision sensitivity. Brilliant. More info can be found over on the Guild Wars 2 website.