Xeodrifter: Special Edition Coming to Consoles This Spring

by on February 24, 2015

Renegade Kid and Gambitious Digital Entertainment have joined forces to bring 3DS hit Xeodrifter to current generation consoles this spring, with the spruced up special edition landing on PC today. Yep, you can head to Steam and download the special edition of Xeodrifter for a limited time knocked down price (£8.24 ,normally priced £10.99).

The Metroid inspired sidescroller first launched on 3DS way back in 2012, and it was a pretty sturdy little run-and-gun. How well will it survive the transition to the big screen? We won’t have long to find out.

Renegade Kid co-founder and creative director, Jools Watsham is excited for us to replay his game, obviously:

“Working with the Gambitious team to bring Xeodrifter to a wider audience on PC and home console is something we’re extremely excited about, Xeodrifter: Special Editionis a great way for players to get their hands on the game, the awesome OST, and a detailed behind-the-scenes look at how a few friends managed to cobble together a great game.”