CS:GO Tops 1m Viewers for ESL One Katowice Finals

by on March 16, 2015

Sunday saw the finals of the ESL One Katowice Counter Strike Global Offensive tournament take place and over one million people decided to tune in, setting new records for the eSport.

To put the million viewers into perspective, the same event last year managed a then record of 250,000 concurrent viewers. This time around over 700,000 viewers tuned in via Twitch, with the others spectating in the game client.

The event also set a new record for the amount of players in the game client at the same time with 595,439 players in game during the finals.

Fnatic eventually came out on top, beating NiP in the final 2-1 with the final map being a close and hard fought 16-13 victory on Inferno.

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