What was in Destiny’s House of Wolves Stream?

by on April 23, 2015

Bungie’s House of Wolves stream went through without a hitch yesterday, and despite some awkwardness between the hosts (including some rather interesting sidestepped questions) we were given a nice tour around the new social space of The Reef, and a look into some new features that will be contained.

It should be noted that people who don’t purchase the House of Wolves expansion will not be locked out from many of the expansion’s features. Non-purchasers will still be able to access The Reef, and will also be able to level up to 34, although the process of making it to the new level cap will take longer.

Similar to The Dark Below, House of Wolves will have a specific representative who will guide you through the story missions and then relay your bounties to you for moving your Queen’s Wrath rank up.

Alongside this, Bungie have hinted that there will be much more in the way of story elements this time round compared to The Dark Below, and that aside from the main story representative that there will be other characters to guide you through.

Although they have stated that there will be no raid accompanying House of Wolves, Bungie did say that there will be varied and engaging PvE and PvP end game content for players, part of this will be the Prison of Elders battle arena mode. In The Reef there will be a Fallen vendor by the name of Variks who will have a rotating stock of new items for you to earn via the arena.

While they were unclear as to whether Variks’ stock will be randomised or scheduled, we were informed that you will be able to plan the items you want to aim for from Variks’ catalogue. Meaning that you can set your goals on what you want to purchase and aim for that item when it becomes available. Knowing what stock can appear in a vendor’s catalogue is always helpful.

There will still be reasons to go back to the Tower, so the Reef wont always be populated by everyone. The Speaker will be able to turn upgrade materials you have into different ones, so if you’re unlucky with your material drops then you will be able to speak to him to change it for something else that you need.

Alongisde this change to The Speaker, the Gunsmith will be able to reforge selected weapons, changing their elemental damage, plus the perks that they have. The perks the reforge designate will be random, so you may have to attempt it a few times to get perks that appeal to you, but the materials required are easy to come by, so you should be fine.

Xur will no longer be required to upgrade your weapons and armour, now as long as you have the required materials you will be able to do this yourself, also, any upgrade path you have taken with the item you want to upgrade will remain, so there’ll be no need to go through that again afterwards.

Aside from all that, there will of course be new PvP weapons and armour available from the regular faction representatives, some of which really do look rather tasty.

Check out some of the gear and screenshots over on the Official website.

Next Wednesday there will be another stream at the same time of 7pm BST and then on May 6 we will have one more before the release of House of Wolves on may 19.


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