Changes set to be made to Diablo IV based on open beta feedback

by on April 17, 2023

Activision Blizzard are set to make various changes and improvements to Diablo IV based on feedback from players who took part in the open beta. In an official blog post, the developers addressed various concerns players had while partaking in both weekends of the beta, and have detailed where they intend to improve and implement the fixes in time for the game’s release on June 6.

“After the Early Access and Open Beta weekends concluded, the development team read through all your feedback and reviewed gameplay data,” the blog said. “Using this information, we have made a variety of fixes and updates to various systems in Diablo IV, all of which will be present in the version of the game that launches on June 6. None of this would be possible without the community’s dedication and love for the Diablo universe, to which we say THANK YOU!”

The changes have focused on Dungeons, Classes, UI, Encounters, Cellars, and general quality of life improvements. For example, there will now be minimal backtracking in dungeons, and dungeon events will spawn more frequently. Certain class powers will be more effective, and each of the classes will receive specific fixes. As for UI, the move and interact button will be mapped to the same button, the chat will appear on the left side of the screen now, the sans serif font has been replaced with a new serif font, and more. Dungeon events have also been increased in cellars, certain unresponsive bosses like The Butcher have been fixed, and the reset dungeon button has been disabled.

We shared our experiences with the Diablo IV open beta, and despite some rubber-banding and server disconnects, we enjoyed it a lot. We said, “The best indicator of whether or not a game has that certain something is how I feel when the beta ends. In the case of Diablo IV, I feel a little hollow now, and the June 6 release date couldn’t seem further away. Sanctuary is a world rich with lore, a tapestry of interwoven tales and histories that feels familiar in ways I can’t describe. Little audio-visual touches are the icing on the cake, and I can’t wait to get to grips with the full game when it arrives in the Summer.”