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Gfinity to Host the European Call of Duty Pro League

by on May 12, 2015

Gfinity are to host the European Call of Duty Pro League for the rest of the season.

In agreement with Activision, the League will be hosted on Gfinity.net and will be divided into separate divisions. The Premier and Championship teams will be made up of the very best European Call of Duty players, while the “Call of Duty League” will feature the best upcoming talent.

There will be eight teams in each league, with the initial Premier Division teams comprised of six invitations and two qualifiers, while the Championship Division will be entirely open for qualification. Fixtures will occur on a “home” and “away” basis, so in total, teams will be required to play two games per week, with 14 games a season.

When the season finishes the bottom two Premier teams will be relegated to the Championship Division, while the top four Premier teams will qualify for the Gfinity Call of Duty Masters. Two teams will be relegated from the Championship Division to the lower divisions. There’s also a significant prize pool of £10,000 in the Premier Division and £4,000 in the Championship.

The Pro League begins June 10, with the Qualifiers the week of May 27. Further details can be found here.