Xur’s Catalogue May 8 to May 9

by on May 8, 2015

And Xur is back,
From out of space,
He’s got a Thunderlord to see that look upon your face,
You should have grinded Vault of Glass,
Brought Crota to his knees,
If you’d known for just one second,
That Gjallarhorn weren’t for thee!

Yep, he’s in the Tower, just opposite the speaker’s area. Here’s his catalogue

  • Titan: 

Ruin Wings – Exotic Gauntlets – 13SC

  • Hunter:

ATS/8 Arachnid – Exotic Helm – 13SC

  • Warlock:

Obsidian Mind – Exotic Helm – 13SC

  • Gun:

Thunderlord – Exotic Machine Gun – 17SC

  • Upgrade Material:

Exotic Shard – 7SC

  • Random Engram:

Helm – 23MoL


Thunderlord is well worth picking up, it makes mincemeat of pretty much anything it is pointed at. But I am certain there are a lot of people upset it’s once again not Gjallarhorn.