Xur’s Catalogue Stardate 29052015 to 30052015

by on May 29, 2015

Happy Xursday everyone. Our faceless purveyor of exotics is here again, and this is what he has for us.

The Warlock has access to new gauntlets, as such there is no wiki entry for them to be linked to.

  • Titan: 

Crest of Alpha Lupi – Exotic Chest – 13SC

  • Hunter:

Achylophage Symbiote – Exotic Helm – 13SC

  • Warlock:

Nothing Manacles – Exotic Gauntlets – 13SC

  • Gun:

Patience and Time – Exotic Sniper Rifle – 17SC

  • Upgrade Material:

Exotic Shard – 7SC

  • Random Engram:

Gauntlets – 23MoL


You’ll find him in The Tower hanging around the Crucible Quartermaster.