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His Story: An Interview with Sam Barlow

by on July 7, 2015

In something we’re hoping to do regularly, we’ve decided to start putting out the audio from our interviews, especially when they’re long ones.

Sam Barlow is open, and we chatted for just shy of two hours about everything you can imagine. From the stunning performance of Viva Seifert to just how strict the script was. There are strong spoilers after the forty minute mark, so I’d suggest you buy and play the game before you delve further than that.

Among other things, I asked Sam if the off-camera detective was ever going to speak, before it was finished, as well as what the thinking behind the music is. We also spoke about Serial, and I tried to find out the conclusive meaning behind the game (you’ll have to listen to find out if he gives it), but also what he thinks of people saying Her Story isn’t a game.

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Listen, below – and subscribe. You can check out a video of my early thoughts here.