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Here’s your new Weekly Nightfall and Heroic Strikes for Destiny

by on July 7, 2015

After last week’s blast from the past with The Summoning Pits, this week Bungie have settled into a more up-to-date location.

This week’s Nightfall sees you tackle the House of Wolves Strike – The Shadow Thief – to take out Tariks The Scarred. Arc Burn is both a blessing and a curse here as pretty much all your enemies do arc damage. Lightswitch will also add to your problems here due to the amount of surprise attacks they like to do in the middle hangar sections. Specialist is your only real positive modifier, giving you bonus special weapon damage.

The Heroic goes back to old ground with The Devil’s Lair, nothing much of note here apart from Solar burn, which will help with those pesky Shanks.

Remember to keep an eye on bungie.net today, as it’s their annual community day, and we’re expecting to see what ‘Year One’ players get in The Taken King.

Until next time Guardians.