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Xur’s Catalogue – The No Weapon Edition

by on July 17, 2015

That’s right, Xur’s here and for once, he hasn’t got a shooty thing for you to get your hands on.

What gives? Is this possibly because of the current weapon rebalancing going on at the moment? We may never know.

Anyway, here’s what he does have:


  • Titan: 

Helm of Inmost Light – Exotic Helm – 13SC

  • Hunter:

Celestial Nighthawk – Exotic Helm – 13SC

  • Warlock:

Sunbreakers – Exotic Gauntlets – 13SC

  • Upgrade Material:

Exotic Shard – 7SC

  • Random Engram:

Helm – 23MoL


You’ll find him lounging around over the Speaker’s Way in Tower North.