Lab Zero’s Crowd Funded Game Indivisible Close to Reaching its Goal

by on November 24, 2015

With 11 days left and 74% of its crowd funding goal met, developers Lab Zero and publisher 505 Games’ gorgeous looking new game, Indivisible could do with a little bit more support, and with gamers as awesome as you, it would be great if you could visit their Indigogo campaign to see what it’s all about and maybe contribute to what looks like an awesome 2D RPG experience.

The game recently had a 20-day extension, meaning that the chance to get this made was given more hope, and with just under $400,000 to raise, the dream could very much turn into a reality. The prototype was released on various digital stores recently and it gave a great look at what to expect.

You play as the main protagonist, Anja who is described as “a good-natured tomboy with a rebellious streak.” The world of Indivisible looks gorgeous, and if you’re a fan of games like Super Metroid and Valkyrie Profile then this game is for you.

Our loveable duo of Adam and Colm recently sat down to play this great little gem and you can watch the video below: