Rocket League Season 1 Ends, but it Brings Goodies

by on January 19, 2016

Rocket League Season 1 is coming to a close, and with it Psyonix is giving out tiered rewards.

According to a Steam Community post, depending on how you did within Rocket League’s ranked play modes, you’ll get a crown in either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum finish. Essentially this gives the truly great players (hint, not me) a way of showing off their status.

This patch to bring about the end of season 1 drops in February, and brings with it a new item quality indicator. Now items will be grouped into Common (grey), Premium (Green) and Limited (Orange) qualities. Common are the usual stock items you earn’t from playing matches, Premium are the paid DLC items and Orange are those acquired from limited time holiday events like Christmas.

Added to this will be a new type of item quality; Uncommon (Light Blue). These will be available in online only matches, and unlike Common items which unlocked after every match, these wont have fixed drop rate. Instead, the longer you play the more likely you will be to acquire an Uncommon item.

Finally, as with the end of any season, a new one must begin, and Psyonix will share new details about the forthcoming season 2 on January 22.

Thanks VG247