Monster Hunter Generations launches on 3DS this summer

by on March 4, 2016

Nintendo have announced that Monster Hunter Generations will launch on their 3DS system this summer, as the next title in the series makes its highly-anticipated move west.

The game, known as Monster Hunter X in Japan, found tremendous success in Nintendo’s home turf — selling over two million copies in the first week and skyrocketing to the top of the charts. If your new to the series, Monster Hunter basically employs you as a, you guessed it, monster hunter who slays great beasts and reaps the rewards. On their journey in MH: Generations, players must defend each of the game’s four villages from the threat of major new menaces known collectively as the Fated Four.

MH: Generations is the most customisable game in the series thus far, with players being able to choose from four distinct combat styles as well as use new attack skills known as Hunter Arts to defeat their monstrous foes. You’ll also be able to play as a Felyne and participate in wide variety of group quests either via local wireless or online play. Also announced was a unique armour which has been modelled from Marth in Fire Emblem Fates, which will be available to download when the game releases.

Players of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will receive exclusive in-game content, but it was not specified what this will be exactly. Monster Hunters Generations releases this summer, with an exact date still to be specified.