Paladins Rare Skin Giveaway

by on September 27, 2016

We’ve teamed up with the awesome guys at Hi-Rez to give away a whole bunch of rare skins for one of our favourite Paladins champions. We’re giving away 5,000 keys for the Onslaught Fernando skin, grab yours while you can:

[UPDATE] We have another 5,000 keys to give away!

[keys id=184071]

For our take on the Paladins vs Overwatch clone argument, take a look at our clip from yesterday.

These codes will unlock a special skin for the Champion Fernando, known as ‘Onslaught Fernando’.

These codes can be redeemed by going to the in-game store and clicking ‘Redeem Codes’, there is no expiration on the codes so there is no rush to redeem them. Please note you need to manually add the codes in the game.  You can download the game at Paladins.com or follow the link here.