Super Mario Run revenue did not meet expectations for Nintendo: Report

by on March 24, 2017

Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima comments on revenue and mobile pricing to Nikkei.

Super Mario Run’s revenue did not meet Nintendo’s expectations. The pay once model while beneficial for consumers did not work out as planned for Nintendo going by what Kimishima said. Fire Emblem Heroes on the other hand continues to earn revenue as it is a proper freemium title. The pay once model Super Mario Run has just launched on Android as well. It will be interesting to see revenue on Android given the much larger base but with a smaller percentage of users paying for games and apps.

What’s interesting as well is the comment on business models from a senior company official:

“‘Heroes’ is an outlier. We honestly prefer the ‘Super Mario Run’ model.”

I’m very curious to see how Nintendo handles the Animal Crossing mobile game. The base game can be easily tweaked to add a lot of microtransactions.

Thanks, Nikkei.