New Injustice 2 trailer gives details on the Gear System

by on April 11, 2017

The latest trailer for NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 outlines the game’s Gear System and how players will be able to evolve each hero to match their playstyle using it.

The trailer explains that each battle will grant more pieces of gear to don your hero with which, as well as changing their appearance, will grant the combatant buffs to their strength, ability, health and durability stats along with extras including EXP bonuses. These effects can then be increased by using multiple pieces from the same set while new abilities and special moves can also be unlocked by completing key achievements.

Injustice 2 is currently in development by NetherRealm Studios, the team behind the Mortal Kombat series, and is planned for release on May 19 for PS4 and Xbox One.