Eight tips to make you a sniping machine in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

by on May 4, 2017

So Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is out in the wild and let’s face it, you’re not exactly an experienced, cold blooded killer who can kill his targets from half a mile away without them even knowing you’re there, are you?

Not to worry, these eight essential tips will get you up to speed in no time.

Use the red dot

The first thing you need to know about SGW 3 is that it is a fairly accurate representation of actual sniping, thus several parameters come into play when you’re lining up the shot. Wind direction and force, distance, latitude, altitude – you need to take all of these into consideration to be accurate and deadly. Thankfully, there’s a helping hand. As you aim down the scope a red dot will move independent to your cursor and show you where your bullet will end up. Make sure you use the red dot and learn how the different surrounding inputs will affect the trajectory of your shot.

Deep breath

This may seem like a rather obvious one, but there’s nothing wrong with covering the basics. When aiming down the sights your scope will undoubtedly be fidgety and hard to straighten. Keep a steady hand by press down L3 and holding your breath. This will give you a few seconds to be precise and takedown your target.


Turn off bullet cam

Everything about Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is hyper realistic, from the recoil on the guns to the way the slightest breeze will change the direction of your bullets. Everything except the use of a bullet cam. It doesn’t go into the hilarity of x-ray shots of testicles exploding, but it does drag you away from your scope to see your foe slump to the ground in a bloody heap. To me this bullet cam feels jarring and out of place with the seriousness and realism of the sniping. I’d recommend turning bullet cam off and watch your enemies fall with a thud from a distance. It’s chilling, but it doesn’t half make you feel like a silent assassin bad ass.

Scouting for Snipers

Jon North isn’t only a deadly sniper, he is also a master tracker. You have the ability to plot out routes, spot enemy footsteps and get a grasp of your surroundings. With the help of a handy drone you can also tag enemies in certain areas so you don’t have to go blindly into the fray. Before embarking into dangerous territory it is always worth scouting out where you are going, to avoid nasty surprises.

Keep your distance and make a nest

There are three vivid play styles to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. The sniper, who keeps his distance and kills from afar, the Ghost, who sneaks in and completes his task without raising alarm, and finally, the Warrior, who goes in guns blazing, hair raising, and wipes out enemy strongholds with brawn and bluster. While the other two may be fun in their own ways, and you should play to whatever style suits you, I would say that SGW 3 is at its best when you are sniping and doing so from a distance. It feels authentic and it’s incredibly fun to take out your target from 250 meters away then slink off into the undergrowth with everyone none the wiser.


Keep quiet

So on that note, keeps things quiet. Be careful and slow in your movements, be aware of where enemies are and keep out of sight. If you miss a shot or stand up in the open and give away your position the wrath of a thousand crashing waves will descend upon thee and fighting out of it is a slog. Automatic weapons are unwieldy and inaccurate and you’re on your own, it doesn’t take much to be gunned down.

Take stock of silencers and supplies

In order to always stay ahead of the enemy you must be prepared. Silencers are your most important tool and they are perishable, so always make sure you’ve got enough in stock. The last thing you want is to run out of them, let off a loud sniper shout unknowingly, and basically light up a “come kill me beacon” to every foe within a mile. Be smart and be prepared.

Check out the ?s

Throughout the map of war torn Georgia there are dozens upon dozens upon dozens of little questions marks. These indicate secrets or side missions for you to discover and they could be anything. From a fella blowing himself up in his meth lab to some poor hostages that need saving, it’s worth exploring these secrets and seeing what you can find.