Kerbal Space Program has been acquired by Take-Two Interactive

by on May 31, 2017

Kerbal Space Program has been Acquired by Take-Two Interactive.

The development team announced this on the official Kerbal Space Program website. Kerbal Space Program launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One almost a year ago. You can read our review of the console version here. The team announced the acquisition in a letter addressed to everyone and you can read it below:

Hello everyone,

We have very exciting news to share with the KSP community today: Take-Two Interactive has purchased Kerbal Space Program. The important thing to know is that this big news doesn’t change much for the KSP community. Squad and the current development team is still here and we’re hard at work on KSP and its future updates, but now we are fortunate enough to do so with the help of an experienced publisher like Take-Two, and we couldn’t be more excited and happy to see where our conjoint collaboration will take KSP forward.

Right now, we’re still focused on the Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion and we’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress. And yes, we’re keeping our promise of free DLC for everyone who purchased KSP through April 2013! We’re continuing to work closely with Blitworks on the updated version of KSP for consoles, which will be available on the Xbox and PSN digital stores when it is complete. This will be a free update for anyone who already owns KSP on Xbox or PS4. We can’t wait for you to play what we’ve been working on in the coming months!

This is a very exciting time for KSP and the Community, and we hope you’re as thrilled as we are. The team at Take-Two are big fans of KSP, who have been persistently knocking on our door trying to work with us for a long time. They share your passion for the game and we’re really eager to see what Squad and Take-Two can do together for Kerbal Space Program moving forward!

Happy launchings!
-The KSP Development Team

This is no doubt a great addition to Take-Two Interactive’s amazing portfolio. It will be interesting to see where Kerbal Space Program flies to next.

Kerbal Space Program is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.