These Rick & Morty fan remixes are beyond sublime

by on August 11, 2017

YouTube, eh? Love it or hate it there’s a lot of interesting content out there to browse, like these fan made Rick & Morty remixes.

The idea is that Chetreo has taken clips from the show and turned them into autotuned songs, and they’re incredible.

Three years ago, the first one appeared, and 10 months ago we got the Schwifty Beat remix.

More recently, the latest two episodes of Season Three (to say it’s long awaited is an understatement) have had the remix treatment, and both are just sublime. Rickmancing the Stone isn’t my favourite episode ever, but it had some great moments, which are captured well in here.

Pickle Rick, however, is already a classic, and the remix song does it justice entirely.

You can also check out a clip of the next episode, Vindicators, below.

Check out the rest of the channel, though, cos’ there are other TV shows and movies that have the remix treatment, including Stranger Things!